Cutting a sunken RORO vessel in half

How They Removed 1,400 Cars And A Sunk Ship From The Bottom Of The Sea.

On 5 December 2012, the car carrier Baltic Ace sank with more than 1,400 cars on board after a collision with a container ship near the entrance of the main shipping lane leading to Rotterdam port. Rijkswaterstaat contracted Boskalis and its partner Mammoet Salvage for the wreck removal operation.

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Marshall Islands becomes top flag for Tankers


Republic of the Marshall Islands Becomes No. 1 Flag for World’s Tanker Fleet

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry hit a significant milestone by attaining the status as the world’s largest tanker fleet. This status was achieved over the summer with additional tonnage joining the RMI Registry from markets in Greece, the United States (US), and Asia. The RMI flagged tanker fleet stands at 44.6 million gross tons (GT) or about 82.8 million DWT.

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