Given our long experience in all areas of shipping and trading, we can assist you in various areas of your work that take time and stop your staff from reacting to actual operational problems.


  • Dry or Wet

    We offer a service to handle your laytime calculations.

    In today’s trading environment, the stakes are too high to lose money on demurrage. Your laytime should be working to make you money, not as a drain on your finances.

    We have wide experience with handling claims on behalf of Owners and Charterers. We also have excellent knowledge of the main dry and wet Charterparties. Our 2 main areas of expertise involve STS product operations in West Africa and Rice discharge in West Africa. Quite possibly 2 of the most complex and sensitive areas of laytime calculation.

    We propose:

    • Handling your entire laytime requirements 
    • Handling specific files on a regular basis 
    • Handling specific files with difficult counterparties
    • Intervening on laytime disputes requiring complex arguments. 


Increasingly, the Charterer is paying for the port costs.

Port costs in certain ports can reach tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands. There are often “mistakes” against Charterers which can be easily spotted and corrected.

We can handle this time consuming task for you and ensure that an excellent working relationship is preserved with the agents.


When you need the flexibility of Time Charter but don’t have the experience to handle in-house.

We can provide a complete service for handling Time Charter operations on your behalf in a transparent, efficient and timely manner.


We also offer a wide range of outsourcing solutions specifically for a small trading companies reluctant to take on the high fixed costs required to effectively manage their shipping requirements.

Sometimes it is simpler to let the trader trade and we will take care of the rest.

Our services include:

  • Assisting with understanding and negotiating chartering terms
  • Day to day operational management
  • Finalisation of freight and laytime
  • Clear reporting at all stages