Geneva is arguably the principle hub for Commodity Trading and a global leader in many Commodities.
Commodity Trading has been present in Switzerland (Geneva) since the Middle Ages, thanks to its advantageous geographical position at the crossroads of European commercial routes.

Location of Trading Companies and Organisations active in this sector


Today Geneva is:

  • Global leader in volume traded for Oil (Crude and Products)
  • Global leader for Grains and Oilseeds
  • European leader for Sugar
  • Global leader for Cotton
  • Global leader in Commodity Trade Financing
  • Global leader in Inspection and Certification
  • Handles 22% of global movement of all Commodities
  • A principle Financial Centre
  • Home to the STSA (Swiss Trading and Shipping Association)
  • Home to the HEG (Haute École de Gestion) and its bachelor’s degree in Commodity Trading and the UNIGE (University of Geneva) Masters degree in Commodity Trading.