Additional Bills Service

MSC Bills of Lading

Services in Switzerland
Exchange / Issuance / Telex Release
  • You need to amend Bills of Lading?
  • You need to split quantities to match your sale?
  • You need to make corrections to avoid discrepancies?
  • You need to issue BLs in Geneva to save sending from loadport?

Why customers use our service

Simple and Secure Process

We will establish contact with your counter party, deal with the bank on your behalf, cancel and re-issue and send out the cancelled Bills of Lading to the relevant Ship Owners by express courier.


  • We have a dedicated team who can do physical exchange in any bank or in your office in Geneva and the rest of Switzerland.
  • Bill of Lading exchange is also possible in other countries upon request.

Knowledge, Reputation and Experience

Our experience with the procedure, long lasting relationships and strong reputation with P&I Clubs, Ship Owners, Swiss Banks and Charterers allows us to provide a fast and highly efficient service.

Case Study

The Problem

A major Ship Owner contacted us asking if we could issue replacement Bills of Lading on their behalf, as a result of a request by their Charterers whose financing bank is based in Switzerland. The intention being to change the shippers to avoid the final buyer identifying the original supplier.

The Solution

In coordination with both Cargo Interests and Vessel Owners we contacted the financing bank and asked them to give up the old set of Bills of Lading to us for cancellation, on receipt of a newly issued replacement set. Fully authorised by the Vessel Captain to sign on his behalf, we issued and signed new sets of Bills of Lading, having cancelled the old, always ensuring no 2 sets of Bills of Lading were in circulation at any one time. Owners were protected in this delicate matter and Cargo Interests were able to present the new set of Bills of Lading to their Buyers, with absolutely no details mentioned of who they purchased their cargo from.